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About Marvin L. & Penny L. Hardy
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     Marvin and Penny have developed many of the balloon decorating techniques that are in use within the balloon industry as well as a worldwide reputation as multi-lingual lecturers and instructors, generously sharing their expertise with audiences wherever they go. They regularly teach at Balloon, Clown, and Magician conventions throughout the World and are as quick to demonstrate advanced techniques to skilled professionals as they are to teach basic twists to children and beginners.
     In 1992 Marvin and Penny developed the World's largest Kaleidoscope, using balloons both as the objects, and as the object box. They have since expanded their exhibit to include nineteen different working balloon kaleidoscopes. Since 1992 they have presented their Kaleidoscope Exhibit 18 times in malls, art galleries, and museums throughout the United States.
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