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About Marvin L. & Penny L. Hardy
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     Not content to limit himself to simple one-balloon figures as balloon sculptors and entertainers did at the time, his repertoire of balloon figures rapidly expanded to include aircraft, animals, birds, cars, cycles, celebrity caricatures, reptiles, sports equipment, and many other phenomenally detailed innovations. He has since developed a wide variety of life-size multiple balloon sculptures that amaze and entertain audiences wherever he performs. His Balloon Art exhibits can only be described as incredible, and regularly attract audiences numbering in the thousands.
     As a performer of balloon oriented magic he is without equal, and is in demand throughout the world. He is equally at home performing before royalty or the economically disadvantaged, large audiences or small, and regularly works with the elderly and the physically and mentally disadvantaged. Perhaps his greatest strength is his exceptional showmanship and the ease with which he quickly establishes rapport with any audience. No audience is immune to his natural charm.
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